AR: On different songs, it seems like you're getting tired of the industry. How do you feel about it right now?

SC: At times I feel like its an almost foolish business to be in..
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AZNRaps Website
"랩으로 한국인 청체성 표현해요"
힙합가수 � MC 스내키 챈
(Text only available in Korean)

보스톤과 뉴욕 언더그라운드 뮤직계에서 동풍을 일으키고 있는 한인 힙합 MC 겸 가수가 있다.

스내키 챈 (Snacky Chan), 본명은 로이 재윤 김. 스내키 챈은 2001년 제 15회 보스톤 뮤직어워드 �베스트 뉴래퍼� 후보에 올랐으며, 음악전문지 XXL 에서는 �가장 재능있는 아시안아메리칸 MC�라는 평을 받으며 힙합계를 종횡무진하고 있다.
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Platform 8470 Webzine(Belgium)

The chemistry between Chan and Illmind, well-reflected in tracks such as 'No Options' and especially the soulful 'Lonely Road' is blazin..
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Tablist Magazine
Volume 2, Issue # 2 (Pg.74/80)

This kid is dope. I'm not just saying that because I'm Asian either. Listen to his flow on the title track: It's conscious, and not overdone like what you hear on most stuff today.
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XLR8R Magazine
Issue #86, April 2005 (Pg.32)

And for the heads who get intimidated by foreign language, up-and-coming Korean-American Mcs Snacky Chan and Flow Sik rhyme in English and are sticking with their US passports..
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Cover Magazine (Hong Kong/Australia/Singapore)
Issue #12, March 2005
Cover: Ready to tear up the stage near you, hip-hop MC Roy Kim, better known as Snacky Chan, has been hailed by critics as the next big thing...
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Cover Magazine/Issue #12, p.102
Blues & Soul Magazine (UK)
Written by: Ryan Proctor, November 2004
RP: I first became aware of you when you dropped the 'Radio Wars' single which was quite a militant record in terms of what you were saying. Did you ever get any sort of response from the people you were criticizing such as Funkmaster Flex etc?
CHAN: To be honest..
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Blues & Soul Magazine(UK), November 2004, p.50
Elemental Magazine
Issue #62
With the release of Jin's debut album, The Rest is History, Asian-American participation in hip-hop has finally reached the mainstream. Hopefully the Ruff Ryder's commercial visibility will increase the awareness of other ill Asian MC's. One of Beantown's finest wordsmith's just so happens to be an Asian man by the name of Chan...
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Elemental Magazine #62
Fighting 44's Interview
Fighting 44's: I know that being the underdog in this business, you gotta keep your head up, and in your past interviews, you always seem really optimistic about how being Asian is more liberating because you're one of the few Asians paving the way in this business. We know you've been through some hard stuff, and we're wondering what's the lowest point in your career that you've ever felt, and how did you rise above it?

Chan: I mean, the only reason I speak positively is cuz I don�t want y'all to see the negatives � I don�t want y�all to see me having a hard time. I want y�all to think I�m doin' good and that I�m selling mad units. The fact is, I AM struggling, I AM coping with a shitload of doubt, but I AM continuing on because I believe I have what it takes and its time for us to be seen and heard.
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Club Zen: What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of being an Asian emcee? Does it make a more difficult to be accepted?

Chan: I think the only disadvantage I've encountered is with major labels or investors in general. They're often times too scared to put money up on something thats too original. Other than that, being an Asian emcee has worked out for me. Asians are proud, supportive, and thankful I'm doin my thing. In general, anyone with an open mind has given me props. Good music is good music, regardless of race.
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"..Chan has a strong, deep voice and commanding mic presence that should allow him to potentially go places.."
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DJ Thailo: You got any advices for the younger MC's who's trying to get in the game?
Snacky Chan: A lot of advice man...
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"Snacky Chan, aka Roy Kim is an emcee who has remained "true to the art" while proving his abilities in the underground hip hop scene across the country. In the fall of 2001, he released Politickin' w/ Chan, featuring the bomb track "Big in Japan," to critical acclaim. "Chairman Mao," music critic/reviewer at XXL Magazine went so far as to say that "Chan is the rugged-est, most skilled Asian-American MC I've heard yet -- actually, he's pretty dope on any scale..." To follow up on his success, he�s doing it again with his soon to be released EP, Part of the Nation, which is sure to be hype."
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YCC Webzine(Text only available in Korean)
���������� Snacky Chan�̶�� �ѱ��� ������ �̸��� ������� �𸥴�. �׷��� �̱� ������ ���׶������� ���� �̸�� �̹� ��� ���鿡�� ����ǰ� �����, Ư�� �ֱ� �߱��� ���� Jin�� ����� ���� �̱� ���հ迡�� Ȱ���ϴ� �ƽþ� ��Ƽ��Ʈ�鿡�� ����� ����� �� Snacky Chan� �Ƿ¿��� Jin�� �񱳵Ǵ� ����� ���۷� ���ö��. �̹� "Politickin w/ Chan"�̶� ����� Detonator Records�� ���� �̱�� ��ǥ�Ͽ����, �������� ���ԵǾ� �Ǹŵ� �� �ִ� Boston Home Compilation Album�� "Chronic Whisper���� ����� ���Ͽ���, Detonator Records �Ҽ��� Akrobatik�̳� C-Rayz Walz�� �Ұ��ϴ� ������ ���ʷ��̼� Detonator Records Volume 1������ ���� ã� �� �ִ�.�̱� ���� ���׶��忡�� Ȱ���ϸ� �ָ�޴� �ѱ��� ���� Snacky Chan� YCC�� �������Ҵ�...
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KoreAM Journal
February 2002
"BOSTON>Roy Kim really needs some kalbee. Known in the underground hip-hop world as Snacky Chan, his constant cravings for Korean-style beef is as bad as his desire to succeed in this musical line of work, a field where he won?t be tagged with the "model minority" moniker..."
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KoreAm Journal, February 2002, p.38
"Chan is from New Jersey, hooked up with Detonator through a recording session he had in Boston, recording his single �Politickin with Chan�. He is the newest member of the crew but the audience response to his style is overwhelming..."
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Evil Monito Magazine
"With fans eagerly waiting to see who will be the first to sit on the Asian-American hip-hop throne, I suggest this Korean-American man named Snacky Chan may very well have the skills fit for a king."
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Long Island Music Scene
"The Far East has got their gem in the rap industry. His name is Roy Kim, who also goes by the monikers Snacky Chan..."
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The Portland Phoenix
January 17 - 24, 2002
"...Chan�s music is self-reverential and humorous, and deeply invested in his ethnic background. Also, he�s quick on the mic. Remember when that was a sign of a decent MC?..."
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XXL Magazine
December 2001
"...Chan is the rugged-est, most skilled Asian-American MC I've heard yet - actually, he's pretty dope on any scale..."
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XXL Magazine, December 2001, p.151
Underground Hip Hop
"For those of you who have never heard of Chan, judging by his name you'd probably expect some goofy rap spoof on some Tai Mai Shu type steez. Well, you're wrong..."
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